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Little announcement27.12.2009

Due to the termination of my interest in audio and video market at the end of year 2003 and recent awakening of the same interest that emerged with preparation of this site, with your help I would like to keep ”a hand on a pulse”. If you have any information about this topic, you can send it to me. E-mail address: usht-578rt (et-mail-ru) (the address is deliberately written this way because of the spam protection, but that won’t be a problem for you to find out the real address). I am most interested for the information about unique components similar to those described on the site. Such information will be added to the appropriate topics or a list of links. For example: ribbon drivers with frequency operating range over 1000Hz ; compression drivers with specific material membranes (for example, TiN in the Eighteensound drivers); low frequency drivers diameter of 15" and more with a maximum low resonant frequencies; highly functional digital crossover; an external DAC with high quality audio output; amplifier with low indices of noise, distortion and high damping factor (digital amplifiers as well), new models of class All-in-one studio monitors. You can also send photos similar to those that are published on the main page or have links with specific components (such as open-box studio monitors) or projects of properly designed rooms for listening to music.

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