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Electric supply

Electric supply has great impact not only on a quality of sound reproduction, but also on term of service of equipment. If the device receives the high voltage electricity, the result will be burning out the device. But that does not mean that everything is ok, if instability does not cross the limit. Most of the equipment has transformers and therefore instability is present at the input and at the output. For example, in current power circuit instead of 12 V the power will be the 10 or 14 V. Most likely that there will be no burning out of the devices, but it will inevitably affect on a change of electrical parameters in certain parts of the device, which will affect the quality of sound reproduction. Partially such a problem can be solved buying a voltage stabilizer, but it will not save the technique of electrical network instability. Even quality stabilizers are not able to normalize the output voltage at the same moment, but with some delay.

The next problem is the voltage distortion form, which appears because of a connection of devices with reactive power character on power supply, such is all modern home audio and video equipment including computers, electro motors and etc. In this case, the oscillogram of electric power will show the sinusoid with flattened top. It is not possible to enclose from such phenomena nether with the network filters or stabilizers.

The third problems are high frequency disturbances and it can be noticed by ear. They can be found in a network because of the electrical appliances and sources of radio waves. Its largest generator is digital and computer technique, which sends to a network large frequency even in gigahertz. Network filters represent good protection from that interference, but most of them do not filter interference of the whole range. It is possible to solve this problem by using the handmade filters or professional – industrial filters for electromagnetic interferences. But not one of them can neutralize the interference detected by human ear.

The basic problem with high-quality electric supply lies in the fact that network filters and stabilizers no matter the order they take and it’s number they are connected are not able to prevent the flow of electrical interference and the distortion of frequency and form! They can only weaken all that interferences to a level that will not be critical for the equipment. . That does not mean that their application is meaningless, they are just not able to fully resolve the problems with electric supply. Because of that, use of the on-line UPS and diesel generator is a full and unique solution of this problem. From the beginning they form ideal sinusoid output voltage. In that case won’t be absolutely any interference.

Quality technique requires not only an ideal power supply but also grounding. I will tell you more about grounding, because it’s objectively a big problem to find something on this subject. Casing and electronic blocks of the devices closed in protective metal boxes, receive electro-magnetic fields, which appear during the work of this devices. In that case parasite voltage (of high frequency) occurs on the casing and it has to be removed by grounding, using cables with zero potential, i.e. literally using the ground. In that case everything that is gathered from the surface of the device housing will go into the ground on time in the so-called " Electric black hole"

Grounding conductor, except quite diameter (of 4-10 mm2) and the minimum length must be electrically clean: it can’t be connected to other devices, besides audio complex. So it can’t be used such pseudo methods of grounding, such as: grounding on the radiator, gas, telephone, water communications, general line of grounding, active lightning conductors, etc. It can only worsen the situation, because there is a flow of its own current through those lines that can enter the music tract. Therefore, there is only one way out and that is making a separate grounding, maybe even two. Protective for stabilizing the grounding, network filters, UPS and stuff, additionally for the devices housing and rack enclosures. Such an approach is required for complete elimination of the interference of the electrical network and environment, on the equipment. In that case as a protective grounding it is possible to use general grounding of the object and if it is a private house or cottage, in those cases where there are not many electrical devices, which do not form a major inconvenience.

Grounding for devices of 1000 V shouldn’t have a resistance of more than 10 Ohm. For example, Philip Newell for one Moscow studio made grounding with resistance of 0.01 Ohm! We should respect the same values with protective and additional grounding that should be placed in the ground on a maximum distance from each another.


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