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Video system To write about the video system, home theater and of digital audio-video equipment on detail has no sense at all. Modern digital technology is developing so rapidly that reaches new levels of quality reproduction almost every two years, despite the tough competition among manufacturers, where a champions title can easily move from one company to another within a very short time intervals. Therefore, to make any predictions does not make sense. Only the basic rules of video equipment selection should be specified.

Concept of technique selection, this time, is not just professional. More precisely, it may be so, but it is absolutely necessary, because the devices you should compare not only by technical characteristics, but also visually. That is not a subject of modern players who previously had a function not only of transport, but also a function of DAC. Nowadays they have a strictly digital HDMI interface, through which the digital signal is transmitted in its original form to a particular playback device (projector, plasma…) where the necessary digital-analog conversion it’s produced. DVD and Blu-ray players now you should choose only from the standpoint of a large number of additional features, simplicity of usage and ability to read different formats. Speaking about the image quality comparison of TV’s or projectors of various types, it can be done right in the store, because human eye, in contrast to the ear, has great resolution and is not submissive to various psychological suggestions, that are so popular in the audio magazines.

Since Ultimate Studio Acoustics has large main monitors, the room for its installation must be larger of 100 square meters and with high ceilings. It is not hard to guess that even a large plasma television with 103" diagonal would be small in the room of that size. Greater diagonal than this has only one device - digital projector. These devices should belong to the class of home rather than professional acoustics. Professional models have a large luminous flux, but very low contrast so the highest quality of picture can’t be reached. Projectors could be complemented with specialized external video processors that can significantly increase the number of input connectors, correction within the different angles and many other things. The important points are powerful image processing algorithms which “virtually" enable an acceptable quality on the big screen when playing a low-resolution video, as well correction of variety of artifacts, for example, mpeg noise.

Selection of the device like video projector , determines the presence of large speakers and also a large room. The main advantage of the projector is “effect of presence ", which cannot be achieved by any other device. It occurs when the image overlaps the view point of the eyes. A similar situation arises precisely in the cinema where the screen dimensions tens of meters. Second important detail is projection in complete darkness when your brain cannot make a comparison of the image size with various objects in the room. The third reason for choosing projectors as video playback device is the modern high-definition video format that allows us to watch movies on screens up to two meters width or more. If there wasn’t technical progress in a field of high-definition video, then there would be no need for big acoustic systems and appropriate facilities, because DVD can be viewed on screens up to two meters width, which completely fits in almost any apartment.

The principle of the technique selection isn’t always based on the technical aspects but also a financial one. In this case, we should never buy the most expensive units in so dynamic market sector. Such an approach is typical for many PC users who rarely purchase the latest models of PC or the latest components but they wait some time before the new line of products comes to the market and lower prices on existing products to acceptable level. Here, the situation is completely identical. Why, for example, we should buy awfully expensive video projector of company Sim2 for 40 000€, when we can buy a decent unit for a price of 2 000€-4 000€ and a couple of years later by selling that projector and adding a small sum of money, we can buy a new projector that is not worse than the one which is awfully expensive. Generally we should not even look at the expensive High-end video devices and other less-known brands, because there is nothing special regarding that devices. It is desirable to limit the choice to the well-known Japanese manufacturers: Pioneer, Panasonic, JVC, Onkyo etc.


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