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Real fantastic home theatre with all attributes is available only to few people. It takes to be not only wealthy man, but also a great fan of films and music and also a resolute when it comes to the realization of such a conception of cinema. That is not the only limitation. System of reproduction cannot be placed even in a big apartment. Special condition for this type of system is especially equipped large space with high quality acoustic adapted walls. This is not Hi-End anymore. This is something much more. The owner of that system can only be a man who admits only professional studio audio and video equipment. A more appropriate term for home theatres of such characteristics is Professional edition and its best representatives are Ultimate studio.

Few decades ago you could find people who had at their homes instead of VHS video player a very serious camera Betacam SP format. It looked so unique that it provoked awe its appearance. Let’s not talk about the price and the quality. I can only say that almost all professional equipment is in the role of “tug” and it is basic standard of most studio and broadcasting companies all around the world. That is also characteristic for the audio equipment. As director sees and hears the material only then it can be broadcasted. Some previous audiophiles gave advantage not to Hi-End devices, but the giant studio tape recorders and monitor acoustics. Table height about meter, weighting over 50 kg, full of precise mechanisms of transport belts and various electronic schemes, has brought such audiophiles to ecstasy, as opposed to exclusive examples of Hi-End technology with a price of few ten thousands of Euros and attributes such as bright design, gold and silver cables…

Hello! I'm very glad to see you. This site is dedicated to home cinema of the highest category on the basis of professional studio components. Here you can find out many aspects of the studio sound reproduction, about the appliance of these techniques to home conditions and many other important things related to finalized home cinema completes. But most of this entire site is able to reverse the relationship to technology of most precised audiophiles. I will tell you all about it so that you can get, with the same amount of money, quality sound 3-5 times better than the simple home technique purchase.


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